Erring due to the vagaries of the sea is not the worst thing

                        Some err by using bad information.

-Jorge Juan, Compendio De Navegagión Para Guardianmarinas

Arturo Pérez~Reverte’s, The Nautical Chart, A Novel of Adventure.

St Augustine, 354-430 – “Obscuritas or ambiguitas – hinders the hearer from discerning the truth in words”.

To hide something means to leave traces

  • Walter Benjamin in John Dale’s “Huckstepp” a dangerous life, Allen & Urwin, 2000.

Whether ’tis nobler in a non, to suffer

The sneers and laughter of the upper ten,

Or to take arms against the aristocracy, And by his clamour fright them? To vote,

Catriona M.M. Macdonald, 26. A Non-Elector’s Soliloquy in Part Two: Poems relating to the Representation of the People Acts, 1867-8, The People’s Voice: Scottish Political Poetry, Song and the Franchise, 1832-1918 Anthology.