DNA, Meritta Paynter and a whole lot of BULLSHIT

How, when, based on DNA results, can Meritta Paynter be a descendant of the following families, if the corpses of those cited have not been exhumed and tested for their DNA? How do we know whether Meritta Paynter is actually a descendant or ancestor of these people. Looking at the names; seems like a whole lot of BULL SHIT.
How are DNA results linked to these specific lineages? What other HARD evidence supports DNA results? None at present it seems.
Meritta is 20 degrees from Madeleine Albright, 24 degrees from Garfield Barwick, 27 degrees from Julie Bishop, 30 degrees from Helen Clark, 18 degrees from Thomas Cromwell, 26 degrees from Dag Hammarskjöld, 15 degrees from Cordell Hull, 16 degrees from Thomas Jefferson, 23 degrees from Judy LaMarsh, 27 degrees from Colin Powell, 24 degrees from Bernhard von Bülow and 28 degrees from Claire C on our single family tree. Login to find your connection.

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