A fan of the fan methodology

Thinking of ancestors as a part of a greater cluster of inter-related families within a community provides greater scope for investigating the past, rather than, concentrating on one-dimensional studies. By narrowing the focus, nascent family researchers, miss many of the nuances bouncing around in society, at a specific, economic, point in time.

While this paper is a work in progress and forms part of a series of papers identifying kinship relationships among the early families of Sussex county, my paper, should not be accepted as conclusive, there may be mistakes in the transcription of records or my hypothesis may prove to be false. If you wish to include any of the material contained in, or derived from this paper, place quotation marks around the extracted portion and credit it as follows: “Sarah Baird, “Unravelling relationships in colonial society, British America, Delaware < 1800”, 30 January 2022.”

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