Obadiah Eldridge, Phila. 1740-1755; Is he the son of Joseph Eldridge, Kent county 28 1749 Fifth (28 Jul 1749)?

Phila. MM Minutes 1740-1755 (image 102) 28 1749 Fifth (28 Jul 1749) The Meeting being informed that Obadiah Eldridge is lately broke much in debt and as he says unable to make any reasonable composition with his creditors, and as it appears that he was a considerable time since advised to deliver up his effects to his creditors and that both he and his wife refused to comply with the advice of Friends, but had conducted very disreputably in continuing running further in debt and do not give any satisfactory reason for so large a deficiency. The Meeting therefore appoints Edward Oathrall & Israel Pemberton Junr. to draw up a testimony against them to be brought to next Meeting unless in the mean time they should offer anything to the meeting and can give such an account of their conduct which may be satisfactory.

Phila. MM 5 Aug 1749 25 1749 Sixth The testimony against Obadiah Eldridge and Mary his wife being prepared was read and approved as follows viz: “Whereas Obadiah Eldridge and Mary his wife have many years professed themselves members of our religious society, yet not duly attending to the dictates of the principles of truth, which leads unto the practice of our moral as well as religious duties nor regarding the wholesome rules and advice from time to time established and given forth among us, they have imprudently engaged in business which they had not understanding and stock to manage, whereby they fell into the disorderly practice of breaking their promises and failing to pay their debts in due time, so that it sometime since became the concern of some Friends to treat with them and it appearing at that time that they were much involved in debt and just cause to apprehend that they could not carry on their business with reputation, they were admonished and advised to call their creditors together and to deliver up all their effects in order by an equal distribution to discharge their debts so far as they were able, but they disregarding this wholesome advice have fully paid some of their creditors and have since persisted to run further in debt, to their own disreputation and the great inquiry of many of their creditors whom they are now rendered incapable of paying any part of their just due and since on further treating with them, it doth not appear that they can offer anything in justification of themselves, nor that they seem truly sensible of their disreputable and unjust conduct. This Meeting therefore is concerned to testify against him the said Obadiah and Mary Eldridge and disown them to be in unity with us until the repent of their past misconduct and make such satisfaction to their creditors and to this meeting as may be thought just and necessary to take away the reproach, they have brought on themselves and the profession they have made of the truth. And John Reynell is desired to deliver them a copy of it and acquaint them of the right of appealing to the Quarterly Meeting.

Phila. MM 29 Sep 1749 29 1749 Seventh John Reynell reports he delivered a copy of the testimony against Obadiah Eldridge and his wife and they now sent into the Meeting a paper in which they say they can offer several things in their own vindication and that they desire an opportunity of being more fully heard by some Friends of this meeting, otherwise they shall appeal to the Quarterly Meeting. The meeting on consideration agrees to appoint Samuel Powell, Edward Cathrall and Israel Pemberton Junr. with Joshua Crosby John Reynell and Anthony Benezett to meet with them sometime before next meeting and hear what further they can say in their own vindication and report thereon at next meeting.

Phila. MM 28 Oct 1749 28 1749 Eighth Four of the friends appointed to treat with Obadiah Eldridge and Mary his wife report they had an opportunity of hearing them fully but they have not offered anything material in their vindication and the said Mary now by a Friend signifying to the Meeting her intentions of appealing to the Quarterly Meeting. The Meeting therefore appoints Joshua Crosby, Samuel Powell, Israel Pemberton and John Bringhurst to attend the next Quarterly Meeting with the Minutes of this Meeting concerning them. 24 Nov 1749 24 1729 Ninth: Obadiah and Mary decline to prosecute their appeal; sent by a Friend a paper expressing their concern for not having taken the advice of Friends; rejected. Phila. MM 26 Apr 1754 26 1754 Fourth Application being made for a certificate for Christopher Dingee & wife to Concord MM. Owen Jones & Thomas Hallow are appointed to make the necessary enquiry and to prepare one.

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