Catherine Dingee

“Marvel not my name’s concealed // In being hid it is revealed” [1]

Reading  the will of Isaac Smith, husband of widow, Mary Craig (formerly Hazzard) made 21 November 1779, Sussex county, Delaware hitherto reveals the existence of Catherine Dingee:

“… I hereby request and desire that my daughter Sarah may be put under the care and direction of her aunt, my friend, Catherine Dingee whom I hereby appoint her guardian and have good hope that she will be to my said daughter as a good mother and educate and bring her up in the best manner she can – she receiving the annual sum I have by this my will appointed to be raised for this purpose.” [2]

An exciting discovery that immediately creates a preponderance of questions.

(i)         Is Catherine the unnamed daughter of Charles Dingee? (Previous post here

(ii)        Is Catherine the wife of (unnamed) Dingee or femme sole?

While the identities of women and girls in colonial society often remain a mystery, whether extensive research in the on-line archival records of Sussex county, Delaware can resolve the question of Catherine’s identity is yet to be determined.



[2] FamilySearch Catalog, Wills, books B-D 1751-1794, Film # 007652947 (Book C No 3 folio 259).

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